IRS Demands iTunes Cards? Beware the Dirty Dozen!

In January of 2002 the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) issued a press release highlighting a dozen different tax scams and encouraged taxpayers to “maintain national vigilance.”[1] This list was dubbed the “Dirty Dozen,” and the IRS has continued to issue similar press releases containing updated lists of purported tax scams for taxpayers to be on…
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Monetized Installment Sale: Cash Today, Tax Today?

The U.S. Treasury recently issued its “Green Book”[1] which includes, among other items, a proposed increase in the capital gains rate up to 43.4%[2] for taxpayers with incomes over $1 million as well as an elimination of like-kind exchanges where gain deferral will exceed $500,000. This means that taxpayers will be subject to significantly higher…
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Installment Method of Income Recognition – The Basics

It is quite common in transactions for the seller to accept a promissory note with payments over time rather than being paid the full purchase price up front. In this situation, if the taxpayer were to be taxed on the full amount of income at the time of the transaction, but not be paid the…
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