Fixing S Corporation Problems Just Got a Lot Easier

Tax rules relating to S corporations are a frequent and often time-consuming problem. With the release of Revenue Procedure 2022-19[1], the IRS just made it easier for S corporations to confirm compliance with tax rules and also has eased the administrative burden on the IRS in dealing with these taxpayers. The Internal Revenue Code provides…
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Reasonable Compensation Revisited – Lateesa Ward

In the recent case of Lateesa Ward, TC Memo 2020-32, the Tax Court addressed a regular tax planning and reporting issue – reasonable compensation to an S corporation shareholder. The issue is important for at least a couple of primary reasons. First, as opposed to dividends, wages paid to the S corporation shareholder are subject…
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Non-profit Corporation Denied S Corporation Election

In a recent Tax Court opinion, the Court granted the IRS’ motion for summary judgment holding that a state law Nonprofit corporation could not election to be treated as S corporation for federal income tax purposes.[1] Clinton Deckard attempted to make an S election for Waterfront Fashion Week, Inc., a Nonprofit corporation organized under the…
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