The Benefits of a Lifetime CLAT

Anyone looking outside their window (or watching TV) recently knows that we are in a volatile time. Among other things, current volatility results from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an uncertain economy,[1] and upcoming elections. The effects of this include large amounts of government spending,[2] low interest rates,[3] and a reduction of the value of a…
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The Swing of the Tax Pendulum and Planning Considerations

Here we are coming upon the fourth anniversary of the one of the most shocking nights of our country since perhaps the Battle of Saratoga and one of the largest cash outlays by our government ever known by means of the CARES Act. On the heels of these events Democrats are setting the stage to…
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Recent Conservation Easement Attacks by the IRS

Conservation has been in the tax news yet again recently. Really, ever since Notice 2017-10, conservation easements, especially those of the syndicated variety, have been caught in the cross hairs of the IRS as well as the Department of Justice while also drawing the ire of a few of those in power in Congress. Most…
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